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Rebels of Sterling Prep: Ace Duet

Taunt her is book one the in Rebels at Sterling Prep and book one in Ace’s duet. 

This was my first Caitlyn Dare series and started my love for their writing. Even now with my reread it still sucks me in. 

Ace is the bad boy from the side of tracks, after losing their mother to an overdose him and his twin brothers Cole & Conner move into their Uncle’s million dollar home in the in the bay. 
Remi’s mother is dating James, Ace’s uncle and becomes the target of Ace’s revenge. But Remi’s life isn’t all that it seems and Ace soon realises that she isn’t the girl he thought she was. 

While this book is mainly about Ace and his plot line we get both his an Remi’s POV. 

Tame him is book two in the Rebels of Sterling Prep and the final book of Ace’s duet.

Tame him picks up where the the cliffhanger of Taunt her ends. 

With unresolved questions and secrets building Tame him continues with the angst between Ace and Remi. But there is more to this story than just relationship troubles. 

The slow burn plot comes to a head along with the sub plots and moments of chaos ensue. It’s an edge of your seat kind of read at moments. Very easy to binge like most of Dare’s books.

Continuing with dual POV’s there is more focus on Remi’s issues throughout this book. 

Ending with a teaser of what’s to come in Hadley’s story makes this book flow perfectly into the next

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