Cole Duet
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Rebels of Sterling Prep: Cole Duet

Taint her is book three the in Rebels at Sterling Prep and book one in Cole’s duet. 

Hadley is more than just a cheerleader or another rich girl, but Cole is convinced he will sorry her if he gets too late. But Hadley is darker than even he knows. 

Cole is struggling with inner demons from his past and the knowledge that James is his father. Cole is the darker of the Jagger boys. The only thing he’s ever cared about are his brothers, until now. 

Cole and Hadley’s story isn’t just darker because of their own histories, which we don’t know the full extend of yet. But just them together is more intense. Hadley opening up slowly through his book is necessary for her character development as frustrating as it is waiting to piece all of her puzzle together.
Trust Him is book four the in Rebels at Sterling Prep and book two in Cole’s duet. 

Cole is most definitely the darker and more damaged Jagger brother, therefore his story has more elements of darkness and trauma (While I’m not triggered personally be sure to read trigger warnings before reading). 

After the cliffhanger of Taunt Her thankfully Trust Him dives right back and picks up there. This whole book is about Cole redeeming himself, not just to Hadley or his family, but himself. He doesn’t believe he’s worthy, his self esteem is so so low that he pushes away any goodness in his life before it can leave him. While he is convinced he will destroy or taint Hadley, she brings light to his darkness. While opposite in so many ways, their darkness calls to each others. 

Throughout this book we get to see Cole’s growth as a character, he develops more than any of the others in my opinion. Coles story while rather dark at times, he undergoes the most change. 

A tiny teaser of what’s to come in Conner’s story at the end of this. Along with a few possible hints about Gravestone and what to expect from the Gravestone Elite series – I’m yet to read it because Bexley bugs the hell out of me! But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m curious since rereading this series.

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