Conner Duet
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Rebels of Sterling Prep: Conner Duet

Conner is the final duet in the Rebels at Sterling Prep series. 

Torment Her is book five the in Rebels at Sterling Prep and book one in Conner’s duet. 

There is a small prelude of what’s to come in Conner and Kenny’s story in Trust Him (the previous book) and it set the stage perfectly. 

Connor is always seen is the fun and happy one, with brothers like Cole & Ace that’s not surprising. But there is more to Connor than we have seen in the previous books. 

Kenny and Connor were best friends and for Connor, she’s the one that got away. This book very much brings their history to light and is very addictive to read. Easy to binge read and keeps you hooked. 


Temper Him book five the in Rebels at Sterling Prep and book two in Conner’s duet. 

This book definitely takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions with Kenny and Conner.
Their story is not easy and definitely doesn’t pull any punches. 

I really enjoyed this series and how all the stories tie in together. With each book we dive more and more into the Jagger’s lives. 

Highly recommend the audiobooks for the series also. The narration is fantastic.

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