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Black Creek: Rebels & Rejects Review

Rebels and Rejects is book one in the Black Creek series by RA Smyth. A dark reverse harem series. 

After devouring the Pacific Prep series and absolutely loving Hadley and her harem of course I needed Black Creek in my life. We get a small teaser of this world in Pacific Prep with Beck being friends with Cain & Oliver, also with Hadley’s lets call them adventures haha. 

Rebels and Rejects contuse on within the same time line after the ending of Break Free (Book 4 in Pacific Prep) but we dive into how Sawyer’s life become entwined with our Rejects. 

I found this to be such an easy read. The character builds up flows brilliantly. Sawyer is a fiery red headed badass, but I expect nothing else from Rachel’s characters. I’m so keen to see where her story takes up. 

Without giving spoilers I definitely have some potential harem favourites. But this is a slow burn, while Rachel writes with a romance plot it never overshadows the actual base or plot of the series/book and I love that. I’m totally here for the smut and the spice, but plot takes the wheel here. 

Also excuse me, but that epilogue! I may have done a happy squee, because it leads to so many possibilities and I am totally here for it!

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