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Sabotage Review

Sabotage is a dark college stepbrother trope romance by Shantel Tessier. 

This book hit every twisted button absolutely perfectly. Not only can I not remotely resist enemies to lovers vibe but throw in the bully themes and the stepbrother trope and I was hooked! 

Raylee has been the bane of Colton’s existence since his father married her mother…He’s made it his mission to destroy every relationship she ever had. They’re playing a toxic game, who will win? 
Colton’s brand of possessive is next level, he’s savage in the best possible way. It absolutely works in this story! The kink representation is also top tier in my opinion. I absolutely devoured this book. If you enjoy dark, twisted with a dash of crazy this should be your next read. 

Be sure to take into account trigger warnings in authors note. This book is absolutely not for the faint of heart!

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