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Saint View Prison: Locked Up Liars and Solitary Sinners Reviews

Locked up Liars is book one in the Saint View Prison series a dark reverse harem romance. Mae’s story starts when her sister is murdered and Heath the sisters ex boyfriend who Mae had a crush on is the number one suspect. Waking up to find your crush as killed your sister. Not the ideal wake up. 

Starting off strong with multiple POV’s. It always brings the story to life more for me with the different narratives. Provides a more rounded story.

The banter and snark is on point. I’m totally here for all the sass. 
At first Mae comes across as meek and mild. I’m glad to see she has fire and spark.
I’m interested to see how the reverse harem progresses through the next book. This felt very much like an entree and I’m keen to get the main course haha 

The tie in to characters from Saint View High series was great too. 

That cliffhanger though. Always leave you wanting to turn the page and find more! Especially after binge reading the entire book in one sitting. 

Make sure you check out the bonus scene. Love a good bonus scene to add that little more.

Solitary Sinners is book two in Saint View Prison series.

Continuing Mae’s story with Heath, Rowe and Liam did not go how I expected it too. That cliffhanger was most definitely not what I saw coming. 

I really enjoyed the development of the relationships between the main characters. Not just focusing on Mae but including Liam, Heath and Rowe in more than just her story. 

The plot has built progressively through the book as well. There is not information avalanche, thankfully. But there is breadcrumbs and information trickling through to keep you hooked. 
Sass and drama doesn’t hurt either. 

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