Eyes on Me
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Salacious Players Club: Eyes on Me Review

Eyes on Me is book two in the Salacious Players Club by Sara Cate. A MF bdsm romance with both age gap and the forbidden stepbrother trope. 

I really enjoyed Praise so naturally I dove straight into Eyes on Me and while it hit differently to the previous book I was hooked. 

Garrett is one of the owners of Salacious Players Club and when he accidentally stumbles onto his stepsister Mia on a cam girl site he knows he should stop, but he can’t. 
The sexual tension is one of my favourite things. The back and forth banter with their building sexual chemistry is fantastic. They’re a perfect combination, a voyeur and an exhibitionist. 

I feel this book has more depth and growth than the first coupling. Don’t get be wrong, before you prepare the villagers with pitchforks I loved Charlie and Emerson. But Garrett struggling with darkness is something so relatable, coupled with the feelings that lead to him embracing his voyeuristic tendencies your heart breaks a little for me. If an author can provoke the feels from me, it rates well. His growth throughout the book brought more substance to the story than just smut. Which I loved. I’m a big lover of smut, but I do enjoy plot with it. 
Mia and Garrett’s story had it all in my opinion, smut, plot and a dash of angst. 

Highly recommend giving this series a read. Looking forward to seeing where the next book in the series takes us.

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