Sinners and Saints
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Sinners and Saints Review

Sinners and Saints is an interconnected series about devilish antiheroes that are brought to their knees by spitfire heroines with and enemies to lovers trope. While each book focuses on a different couple and completes their story they are best read in order.

Wicked Saint: 

Lucas Saint the popular athlete and king of the school. Gemma is new girl and a loner. This book has all the bully trope elements I love. The popular alpha hole and the prey. 

While not my favourite book of the series. It’s definitely worth the read to build into the series. 

Tempting Devil: 

Devlin the rich arrogant athlete and cousin of Lucas (Wicked Saint) and another king of the school. Blair is the girl from the wrong side of town, a thief and everything Devlin hates. 

Enemies to lovers with bully themes. Devlin cares for nothing and vows to break Blair when he catches stealing his prized baby Red right out of his garage. These two are definitely character faves, their relationship has so much growth throughout the book. It develops over time, it’s not just an overnight shift. I really enjoyed their story. 

Ruthless Bishop:

Connor is the captain of the team, king of the school type. But is there more to him than meets the eye? 

Thea is the sweet, shy girl next door. Or is she? 

After Thea mistakenly sends a cheeky selfie to Connor meant for her summer crush, she finds herself at his mercy. This has the girl next door and bully trope rolled into one. With the added bonus of our first glimpse of The Crows. 

Savage Wilder: 

Maisy is a straight laced, rule follower, a caged bird wanting to fly free. Fox is the bad boy with a chip on his shoulder. Maisy and Fox were best friends as kids, until one day he was gone.

Revenge is the game and Maisy is Fox’s plaything. He is hellbent on taking down those responsible for his parents death. 

Fox’s story is the darkest of the series. Heavy on the bully and revenge themes. His story also opens more into the The Crows series. 

Extended Epilogue 
This was a nice touch to round out the series and bring together the bonds shared throughout 
Please be sure to read trigger warnings. While I wasn’t triggered by this book there are elements of assault, violence, blackmail, bully themes among other dubious situations.

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