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The Elite Trilogy Review

The Elite trilogy by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine is a rivals to lovers MM romance. 

Danger Zone is book one.

Solo is the arrogant, cocky and rebellious pilot.
Panther is by the book and always plays it safe both in and out of the air. 

This book is a perfect binge read. It’s short enough without lacking plot and depth. 
It’s packed with sexual tension. 

Solo winding up Panther is brilliant and one of my favourite parts. He thrives off poking the beast. But the banter does build on both sides. 

The narration for this book is fantastic. Aiden Snow and Christian Fox are absolutely perfect for these two characters.

Need for Speed is book two.

With Panther recovering from his injuries Solo tries to support and car as best he can. There is still a lot of banter but there is more depth to their interactions than just the physical. They build more of a relationship throughout this book. 
This book really shows character development not just individual but together. 

It’s really hard to love Panther and Solo, they’re opposite in so many ways but perfectly compliment each other. Again Christian Fox and Aiden Snow slay with their narration on this audiobook.

Classified is book three.

This book is the perfect end to their story. While Solo and Panther didn’t have an easy run, it is a low angst series but so addictive that you can’t help yourself but binge read and devour all three books. 

The banter builds more into this book, especially with the ribbing from their team mates. 
My only gripe is I need an extended epilogue. I just need more of Panther and Solo. 

If you’re unsure about audiobooks or narrators Christian Fox and Aiden Snow slay with their narration on this audiobook. And the BrElla books always have fantastic narration, you won’t be disappointed. 

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