Dead Drop
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The Guild: Dead Drop Review

Dead Drop is book two in The Guild trilogy by Tate James. While this is a series on its own, I believe for the best reading experience of the shadow grove world reading both the Madison Kate & Hades first is recommended. 

Thankfully this book picks up where Honey Trap’s cliffhanger left us and dives right in with not just action a have does of steam. 

I absolutely love the Shadow Grove world Tate has created, MK & Hades are two of my favourite series. But for most of the first half of the book I felt disconnected from the characters not just Danny but at times Leon & Kai. This book didn’t snare me as hard as what I usually am by this world. 

There are many things I did love about the book. 
Danny being a completely different female lead character to our previous ones, in that she is a level of crazy all on her own. 
While I’m firmly on Team Leon here. Kai makes me want to punch him in the face, very often. I really enjoyed the animosity these two have towards each other, it creates fantastic tension. 
The appearance while brief of some Shadow Grove favourites is always a bonus too! 

I’m secretly hoping we get a novella or a standalone on Sabine, her mission has definitely piqued my interest and I think there might be more to her character than we’ve seen. 

Overall, I definitely recommend reading this book. I will always recommend diving into the Shadow Grove world. I just hope that Kill Order shakes things up.

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