Honey Trap
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The Guild: Honey Trap Review

Honey Trap is book one in the Guild series by Tate James.

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the Shadow Grove world, Madison Kate and Hades being two of my favourite series. So naturally I needed Honey Trap like I need oxygen! 

Being a new series with totally new players so to speak I didn’t know what to expect. But was pleasantly surprised to find Leon and Danny. I liked their characters in the glimpse we got of them in MK. But I always thought there was more to Leon with his appearance in Hades. 

This series is heavily focused on The Guild and the circle. The plot is thick even from the beginning. In typical Tate fashion we have the fun misdirects, you think you know what’s happening when you don’t haha. And that cliffhanger, hot damn! I didn’t see what coming at all. 
I need all the answers, how will survive until March for Dead Drop! 

I’ll be stalking to updates for the audiobook release too, a reread on audio before Dead Drop hits would be awesome!

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