Their Obsession
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Their Obsession Review

The Dancer and the Masks is book one in Their Obsession duet by Bea Paige. 
A dark twisted reverse harem. This is not for the feint of heart. If you seek a sweet and loving romance, this is not for you. 
But I’d like me you love the savage, twisted depravity then you’ve come to the right place. 

Christy is ballerina who was kidnapped as revenge for the actions of her sister, Grim.(while this story is Christy and the Masks, I still recommend starting at the bringing on this world with The Freed Brothers and working your way to this duet as those characters do make appearances and mentions).

Jakub, Konrad & Leon, the masks and Christys villains in this duet, or so it would appear. 

This is possibly one of my favourite reads from Bea. It’s her darkest and most gritty, but I love everything about it. Once I got into the first few chapters, I knew I was hooked. She has a way of painting the picture so vividly that the scenes play out as if live action in your mind. 
The characters unfold brilliantly, you are left wondering an guessing but that thread is holding on that you keep pulling it to get more into the story.

But that cliffhanger, I didn’t see that coming at all.

The Masks and the Dancer is book 2 in Their Obsession duet by Bea Paige. 

After the cliffhanger of The Dancer and the Masks I knew that this book was going to punch me right in the feels. But I did not expect it have those too your heart and throw at your face feels. Holy damn! 

But don’t get me wrong, I love dark romance and this book is absolutely superb. Please make sure you read the trigger warnings. This is not a heart eyes and unicorn farts romance. You will experience all the emotions ranging from shock, surprise, hate, empathy and devastation. 

This book really does crack up the root of all that is the Masks and what made them the way they are. From the heart crushing torture Malik put them through fuelled by his own malice and hatred to their own exploited insecurities. But even with all the darkness the familial bond between Jakub, Konrad & Leon is easily matched to the love Grim as for Christy. The burn cities to ground kind. 

I really loved the flashbacks and future visions that Christy has throughout the book, not just for the additional angst and drama they bring. But it brought a different perspective to the story. Not just the here and now. But what truly made the masks this way. 
Also all the breadcrumbs of the past and character links with the Deana-dhe really sets up for the next series and I cannot wait! I know I’m not alone there. 

The world that Bea has built with not just these characters but all the characters and stories is absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t read Bea, you need to.

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