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Vino & Veritas: Headstrong Review

Headstrong is an MM romance by Eden Finley with a grumpy/sunshine trope. While Vino & Veritas is a series each author writes about a different couple and I don’t believe it’s necessary to read all of the different books to follow this story. It can be read as a standalone.

Rainn is the grumpy ex hockey player with a chip on his shoulder about everything hockey. He works at Vino & Veritas as a book clerk and a bartender where he becomes Whits wingman. 

Whit is the cute but very inexperienced golden retriever energy hockey player. 
He recently came out but has never hand a boyfriend or any relationship. 

Rainn and Whit have that it’s gonna happen vibe from the beginning. This is cute and fluff which is exactly what I wanted from it. 

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